Why is Android not popular in the US?

Why do companies use iPhone instead of Android?

There are two main advantages of iOS security: Apple’s control of the ecosystem. Apple tightly controls the entire ecosystem, including the hardware, firmware and software. The company closely screens every app in its App Store, significantly reducing the danger of buggy or malicious apps.

How many Americans use Android phones?

However, within the U.S., that market share looks like this: iOS: 59.17% Android: 40.54%

Will Android continue to dominate the global phone market?

If Apple were to release an iPhone that could compete with Android on the low-end market, they’d give Google a serious run for their money. I don’t look for that to happen any time soon, so Android will continue to dominate the global phone market for years to come.

Are Android phones more popular in Europe than Apple phones?

Let’s get the facts right then answer part of your question. The top 5 Android OEM has 64.34% to Apples 26.39% that leaves me thinking Android phones are more popular in Europe. So Apple clearly is more popular in the US by 9.33%. I am presuming you are meaning the US not the continent of America.