Why does it take so long to transfer data from one phone?

How long should it take to transfer data from one phone to another?

It hardly takes 2 minutes to transfer 1GB of data. Below mentioned categories can be transfered quickly using Smart switch : You can copy personal data stored of your previous phone (contacts, calendar, memos, messages, call logs), pictures and videos to your new Galaxy mobile phone.

What is the fastest cable for data transfer?

Google USB-C to USB-A This cable offers USB 2.0 data sync speeds, so you can expect data transfer rates of up to 60MB/s. This means you can easily connect your device to a laptop, desktop, or storage device to transfer data like photos, videos, and other files.

Which is the fastest method of data transfer?

DMA is a method to transfer data between the device and computer memory without the involvement of the CPU. This method makes DMA the fastest available data transfer method. National Instruments uses DMA hardware and software technology to achieve high throughput rates and to increase system utilization.