What should I do to get started with my new iPad?

How many hours should you charge a new iPad?

60 minutes (1 hour) to reach 50%. 95 minutes ( 1 hour, 35 minutes) to reach 80%. 135 minutes (2 hours, 15 minutes) to reach 100%.

Why have my emails not transferred to my new iPad?

Check Mail Fetch and Notification settings To adjust these settings: Go to Settings > Mail, then tap Accounts. Tap Fetch New Data. Choose a setting – such as Automatically or Manually – or choose a schedule for how often the Mail app will fetch data.

Is it better to get an iPad with or without cellular?

Cellular iPads Just Give You More Options Whether it’s for work or for play, a cellular iPad can be a game changer. Choosing a cellular iPad over a Wi-Fi iPad means you’ll always have the speed, reliability, and security of a mobile data connection, giving you the power to use your iPad in many more ways.