What percentage of Americans use iPhones and Android phones?

What percentage of people prefer using iPhones over Android phones?

According to the data gathered by Counterpoint Research, the iPhone overtook the Android ecosystem this past June with a 50% claim of the U.S. market share.

What is the percentage of Android users in the world?

Android holds the largest number of installed-base devices, with 1.9 billion in use in 2014, compared with 682 million iOS/Mac OS installed-base devices. Almost 9.5% in 2014 and currently around 17% users use iOS and 26.7% use android, rest of them use windows or others operating systems…. 37% of global iPhone users use iPhone 5s or older.

Why do so many Americans own an iPhone?

Yeah, its expensive, but compared to Iphones, most iphones are like one thousand dollars. I gravitate toward Android because Android is at least more cheape Why does almost every person in America own an iPhone? Another reason is that because the iPhone is so popular, a lot of people are heavily invested in services like iMessage and FaceTime.

How much time do Americans spend on their smartphones each day?

Americans spend about 2 hours and 25 minutes on their phone each day. According to a study that tracked Android users’ smartphone usage, the average smartphone owner spends 145 minutes on their device every day, equivalent to approximately 76 phone sessions.