What happens if you say 14 to Siri?

What happens if you say 17 to Siri?

r/apple – Saying 17 to Siri somehow calls emergency services. Well, if you haven’t already tried it, you’ll be fascinated to know that saying 17 to Siri actually phones the emergency services, handy if you’re in a bit of a pickle.

What happens when you say 15 to Siri?

14 usually called emergency services immediately, and 15 did once, but most of the time, 15, 17, and 18 showed a less stressful interface that didn’t call automatically.

What happens when you say 14 to Siri on iPhone?

What happens when you say 14 to Siri? If you haven’t tried it already, saying 14 on your iPhone to Siri sets up a call to the emergency services. You have three seconds to cancel the call. So if you’re actually in need of assistance, you can let it run.

Why does Siri call the emergency services at 17?

The reason for Siri phoning the emergency services is because 17 is the emergency phone number in several countries. It’s a handy feature if you’re abroad and you don’t know the emergency number of the country you’re in as Siri will contact the correct one for you. The feature also works if you say 999 to Siri, the emergency number for the UK.

Why does Siri have 14 numbers in Algeria?

In Algeria, 14 is the number you need to call for the fire and ambulance services. They’ve got a separate number for the police force but Siri has 14 programmed in regardless, for the reasons mentioned above.

What is the Siri response and why is it useful?

So this Siri response is meant to protect people needing help in any country, at any time. “It’s helpful for people in a foreign country, who might not necessarily know the number for the emergency services there,” according to HITC. “It can get them out of a hole in a stressful time.