Is there any way to transfer all my data from my iPhone to another iPhone without a backup?

Can you transfer iPhone data by yourself?

Option 1: Direct transfer In either case, when you’re ready to transfer all your data to your new iPhone: Turn on your new iPhone and bring it next to your old iPhone. Look for the Quick Start option to appear on your old iPhone’s screen. Confirm your Apple ID is correct and follow the prompts to transfer all your data.

Can you transfer everything from a broken phone to a new phone?

Transfer Data from a Broken Phone to a New Phone via Cloud Backup. If you have enabled cloud backup on the broken Android device, then you will be able to transfer data including photos, contacts, and more from the broken phone to a new phone, regardless of how damaged it is.

Do Contacts transfer with Apple ID?

Transfer Contacts to Another iPhone with Different Apple ID Supports transfer contacts between iPhone and Android devices. Support WhatsApp data transfer, phone-to-computer data transfer and phone backup & restore. Fully compatible with Windows 11 or Mac 12.0. Fully compatible with iOS 15 and Android 12.0.