Is iOS better than Android for daily use?

Which is better for long term iPhone or Android?

iPhones and Androids are so similar now but when put head-to-head, iPhones still win, thanks to better long-term software support and repair options.

Is iOS less addictive than Android?

Depends on what one is looking for in an operating system. It’s not addictive as such in my personal opinion , but it’s just easy to use. Highly optimised for long term usage.

What can Apple do that Samsung can t?

iMessage, AirPods and instant software update availability are just a few of the features that give the iPhone bragging rights over Android.

Which iPhone is best for long term use?

We no longer recommend phones older than the iPhone 11 line; they will likely get at least two more years of OS support. If you want a phone with long-term resale value, go for the iPhone 12 generation or higher.