How do I set up my device without another device?

How do I log into iCloud if I lost my phone?

Go to Sign in with the Apple ID and password you used to set up your device for Find My.

What is Device setup app?

The Device Setup app is designed to allow you to scan multiple devices in the most efficient way possible. With that said, we recommend batching your scans in sets of 25 or fewer devices.

How do I connect a new device to my phone?

Find accessories in the Google Store. Turn on a new device that isn’t set up yet. Put the device in pairing mode. Turn on your phone’s screen. On your phone, you’ll get a notification offering to set up the new device.

How do I add a new device to my account?

Note: You’ll need to enter a nickname, but you can choose not to enter your address. To set up all other devices, at the top left, tap the Add icon Set up device New device. Follow the remaining steps.

How do I set up devices in the Home app?

To set up your first device in the Home app, tap Get started Set up new devices Create another home Next enter a home nickname and address.