Do iPhones take good pictures?

How to take good photos with an iPhone?

Among all the things you need to do to take good photos with an iPhone is keeping them simple. Avoid including too many details. Too many details distract viewers and make it hard to create beautiful compositions. Instead of using multiple objects, include a single subject. This will make it relatively easier to create a strong composition.

Can you take action photos with a smartphone?

Not long ago, the ability to shoot action photos or any fast-moving object with a smartphone was impossible. With a modern iPhone, though, you now have two options to do this. The first is Burst mode, which captures a series of images, and the second is to use the videos captured as part of Live Photos.

How do I keep a list of photos on my iPhone?

When you view the image in the Photos app, you see “Select…” at the bottom of the screen; tap it to choose the photos you would like to keep. Tap “Done,” and then choose either “Keep Everything” or “Keep Only X Favorites,” where “X” is the number of photos you selected.

How can i Improve my iPhone camera?

Your iPhone takes great photos, but you can always improve them. For example, you can control the exposure, take more time to compose before you hit the shutter, and make better use of the tools available to you. In fact, you could take a crash course in iPhoneography right now. How to Launch and Use the iPhone Camera