Can responding to a text message be harmful?

Can you get hacked by a text file?

The plain text file format . txt is considered relatively safe. Even if this type of file contains malicious code, it can’t be executed. However, criminals can use a double extension to trick users into clicking on a file, such as “attachment.

Can you get scammed by texting a random number?

While most people don’t fall for such scams — the FTC’s estimates for this year found that 6% of people who reported text message fraud actually lost money on them — those who do become victims can lose enormous sums.

How do you respond to a text when you don’t know who it is?

Just be straightforward. Tell them you don’t recognize their number and explain why (even if you should have it).

Can a text message infect an iPhone?

If you get an email, text message, or push notification from someone you don’t know, don’t open it and definitely don’t click on any links in these messages. Links, files, and even the messages themselves could install malware on your iPhone. The best thing to do is delete them.