Can I start over setting up my new iPhone?

Does Setup as new iPhone erase everything?

You erase all content and settings on your iPhone: Set up As New iPhone: Just like its literal meaning, setting up your phone as a new iPhone will let your iPhone start over without any existing data. It will set all your setting to default and remove all you downloaded apps.

Is factory reset enough before selling phone?

Sometimes a simple factory reset won’t completely erase all the data on your device, and the new owner of your device might easily restore your files, messages and even photos. Some apps and browsers might also store your login details and passwords.

How do I set up a new iPad?

start over ….setting up new ipad. 1 1. Turn on iPad. 2 2. Set Language; tap arrow on top right. 3 3. Set Country; tap Next. 4 4. Enable Location Service; tap Next. 5 5. Setup WiFi (connect to internet) More items